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I’m Rebekah! I like french fries, any excuse to drink coffee and I power nap for 15 minutes every. single. day.

But honestly, I am a wildly passionate photographer, entrepreneur, and boss babe raised in a small town in Pennsylvania where I’m living my wildest dreams of building my business, and doing what I love. Yeah, I’m the small town girl with big city dreams ;)

I’m constantly on the go, traveling all around the east coast providing experiences and photographing amazing couples.

When I’m not holding a camera or coming up with my next business idea you’ll find me investing my time in the things that I love which are; My high school sweetheart babe of a husband, Jesus, who made allll this possible, traveling somewhere new, tending to my plant babies, snuggling with my ADORABLE PUPPY, GOLDIE, or looking for the closest Starbucks (my guilty pleasure!). I like making people feel happy, inspired and long conversations over coffee is my love language.


Can I be honest about why I do this? 

Truly, because there is nothing I love to do more than create relationships with people, provide experiences above expectations, and be a part of the most precious moment’s of someone’s life. I live and breathe to do what I do, capture moments, laughter, emotions and build connections while doing it.

I’m a firm believer in my craft of providing an unforgettable experience through photography. I stand behind my love for personal connection and my passion for what I do all while capturing memories that will fade but images that will last forever. 

I do what I do simply because it sparks a fire in my soul like nothing else, and my hopes are that through every part of your experience you feel that spark. Having photographed over 150+ weddings since I started my business at the age of 17,  while creating an unforgettable experiences through fast replies,  timeliness images and being wherever needed on a wedding day. I'm honored to serve amazing couples on the east coast and all over the country.




A few of my favorite things

HIKES & ADVENTURES - my happy place is in nature, by the waves or mountain top.

COFFEE ADDICT - Vanilla Chai with a Shot, or two.. or three ;)

INSPIRATION & DAYDREAMS - I’m constantly being inspired by life’s vibrancy and often caught in a daydream.

FASHION - I love to express myself through fun clothes, color and all the boho pieces!

FAV SNACKS - French Fries all day everyday. Favorite food, hands down. Anyone else?

DAYTIME HOBBY - Walks with my hubby & pup, tending to my plants, spontaneous day trips anywhere!