10 Rainy Day Wedding Tips & How to Make the Most of it

Hey Ladies!  Are you recently engaged, planning the wedding of your dreams and you're scared of rain on your wedding day? I'm excited to talk a little bit about a topic that almost seems like the unspeakable, but in reality- it happens! But I'm here to help.

I'm Rebekah a full time wedding photographer based in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I specialize in weddings, engagements and capturing people in love. I've been to my fair share of weddings, so I promise you can trust me when I give you these 10 tips! I talked to some of my beloved brides, friends, and people who had rain on their wedding day and I've gathered my top 10 favorite to help put your mind at ease.

Tip #1 : Trust your Photographer

Of course you're probably rolling your eyes that this is number one. But before I tell you my tips and secrets (because some of them may seem crazy!) I have to tell you to trust me, or your photographer. They know what to do best, and if they're feeling a creative idea I promise you to just trust them and run with it. After all, their expertise is why they hired you, right?


Tip #2 : Relax.. You're marrying the man of your dreams!

Seriously thought, I know the rain isn't ideal. But take a breath. And just remember that the reason for this big day isn't because of the weather, it's because you love the man you're about to marry! I know you've probably heard it - BUT IT WILL COME TOGETHER! No seriously, everything will work out. I know it may not seem like if, but if you're flexible and just take a breath, it'll all be okay! I've never been to a wedding where something didn't turn out.


Tip #3 : Grab and Umbrella, rain boots and get out there!

 Okay, now trust me.  You're probably like what? Go out in the rain? Are you kidding? Nope, I'm not. I seriously am not. I cannot even begin to tell you when I bride tells me she's willing to embrace the circumstance and just go it makes my heart sing! Now, you most likely know ahead of time if there is a potential rain day for your wedding. So do some shopping! Nothing is better than a few clear umbrella, and cute rain boots! Click here for the perfect umbrella + click here for the perfect rain boots!  Check our Brian and Shannon, (image below) who just went out in the rain with their umbrella and rocked it!


Tip #4 : Consider doing a first look!

Most of the time when rain happens, it's not all day. It usually stops here and there throughout the day. If you have portraits of your and your new husband right after the ceremony when the expected rain it, consider doing a first look! You literally can check the weather APP, and see almost 90% when the rain is planning to start. So time your portraits accordingly, even if that means making a night before decision to change the time. I promise you that doing a first look is still such a special moment, and you will still have that real, heart-felt moment with your almost-hubby. So check with your photographer, and see if they suggest doing a first look!



Tip #5 : Change up locations! (greenhouse!)

This actually may be my favorite one of all time. I've actually used this two times in the year of 2017, and both times results were absolutely magical! Now there's nothing more than a photographer loves than a well lit, warm, indoor space. If you're unable to change the time of your portraits, and it needs to happen - consider going to a greenhouse! This tip has literally changed my life! If you're not into hopping through the rain in puddles, find an awesome indoor location- like a greenhouse! So then, you're still getting amazing portraits but you're also staying dry! Two out of Two weddings I've done this for, there was a greenhouse within miles - it couldn't have been more perfect!


Tip #6 : Make it a keepsake..

This is the most unexpected, but most adorable! Make it a keepsake! One of our brides kept a mason jar out the morning of her wedding, knowing to expect rain. As she got ready for her wedding day she watched the mason jar slowly fill up. She kept the mason jar of water for a keepsake, remembering the rain on her wedding day and making the best of it - such a special idea!


Tip #7 : Wait it out...!

If it's raining during your ceremony, it might not be when it's done.. take a chance and wait it out! Your guests and friends understand, so it this means starting your reception a few minutes later- DO IT. Kelsie and Trey had a downpour during their ceremony, we held off on all images at the church, went to the venue, waited about 10 minutes and one of the most beautiful sunny, filled days came in to play! We were so glad we just waited a few minutes, watched the radar, before changing locations or missing out on special memories!


10 minutes after a huge downpour, we waited it out and created magical portraits!

10 minutes after a huge downpour, we waited it out and created magical portraits!


Tip #8 : Save it for a sunny day!

Your portraits that is, not your wedding! We love the option of making the best on a wedding day, but sometimes the weather just does it's thing! But, have you ever considered doing a day after session? Yes, that's a thing! Its made for the bride with a rainy day wedding, or just for some extra portrait time! I'm sure your photographer would be up for scheduling some amazing portraits for the next day. And what girl doesn't want to put on her wedding dress again? Win win!


Tip #9 : Make sure your venue has a backup plan!

This one is huge! Have you spoken to your venue coordinator yet? A lot of venues now days have options for a rain ceremony, and a no rain ceremony! When choosing a place if it's in rainy season, really consider going with a venue that has a backup plan for rain!


Tip #10 : Remember, It's good luck!

Eye roll, am I right? No but seriously! It's an old wives tail and it represents fertility and a long lasting marriage! No better way to start your marriage off than than!



We hope you found our top 10 tips of tips + tricks and how to make the most out of your rainy day wedding! Please share this with a fellow bride, re-post and comment! We'd love to hear how your rainy weddingwent!

Rebekah Stoltzfus