2017 Year End Behind the scenes!

It's time for the year end behind the scenes post!
 It seems crazy to say another wedding season has gone by. 4 years ago I officially took a leap of faith and started this crazy ride. This year was a year filled with so many amazing sessions, weddings, and amazing times! Traveling state to state, driving 9,000 miles, laughing, meeting amazing people, working with amazing vendors. My heart is filled to the brim. 

This year our motto was 'just ask'. Whether that meant asking couple to jump into a creek, hike a mountain or decide whether or not to do a first look. We just simply asked. We allowed our dreams to come true, by simply asking if our couples, seniors or sessions were interested in whatever idea we had! And for us in 2017, that meant even more amazing opportunities and dreams. I'm excited to see what our motto is for 2018!

This is the silliest post we do all year, so just prepare yourself! My goal with my team is to promote young professionalism, but also passion, dedication and joy with whatever we do. Some wedding days are long and hard, they require fast thinking and being on our feet all day. But, I always try to instill to my team how truly lucky we are to do what we do. And to do what we do with full passion and hearts to serve, or not at all. Thankfully these sweet girls have embraced this with me, and that means we laugh a lot, and we love a lot -- our passion for what we do is so real, and I hope you enjoy seeing it throughout these crazy fun behind the scenes!

Rebekah, Chelsea & Taylor