Raechel + Matt | Binky Lee Preserve Engagement

I spent a weekday afternoon running through fields at Binky Lee Preserve with Raechel and Matt and I couldn’t have loved it more! These two are crazy about each other and I am certainly crazy about them!

Our afternoon at Binky Lee Preserve could not have been more perfect. Between their cute giggles together, gawking over the gorgeous lush greens and landscapes to running in the woods we simply had the best time together!

Their wedding is going to be an intimate, fall, food trucked filled day and we absolutely cannot wait! Let the countdown begin! T minus 51 days… but who is counting!?

Inge + Evan | Ridley Creek State Park Engagement Session

My heart's skipping a little beat while I'm typing these words because I am THAT excited about Inge and Evan's engagement session!

I fell in love with these two over our skype calls, text messages and emails. Literally. We finally got to squeeze each other in person on Sunday, and it was so exciting! Our afternoon started with Ice cream downtown, and then venturing to the stunning Ridley Creek State park a complete favorite of mine!

Inge and Evan have the sweetest, softest personalities that you'd instantly fall in love with. They drove from New York for their session and we had the most lovely time exploring Ridley, laughing and getting to know each other!

I won't hold you any longer from these beautiful images, all to say, I can't wait for June 2019!

Katie + Sean | Downtown West Chester Engagement

Katie and Sean, Where do I begin? Well, it all started downtown West Chester at a cute little bar that Katie and Sean find themselves walking to from their cute little downtown home for a drink! We entered the bar, and sat for over an hour chatting about life, business, their wedding plans and of course their love life! It was a perfect way to start our downtown West Chester engagement session and it was the most lovely weather for once this summer!

We walked the streets of West Chester where Katie and Sean walk together on a daily. Talking, enjoying their favorite shops they fell in love and decided to call West Chester home!  We laughed a whole lot on their session, and they showed me some of their favorite places as well as where they got engaged! It was truly a perfect evening, and I'm so excited to stand alongside Katie and Sean on their wedding day which will be downtown West Chester and then an amazing venue!

We ended the night chasing the sun (literally, the sun sets fast!) At the beautiful Hibernia! Katie switched to the CUTEST mustard romper and my heart skipped a beat! We took photographs inbetween the fisherman at Hibernia, and it was the MOST perfect evening! I couldn't adore Katie and Sean more, and I also couldn't pick only a few to share - so here is a LOT of my favorites because I'm obsessed!

Lauren + Matt | Tyler State Park Engagement Session

I hope that each and every one of you find someone that makes you smile as much as Matt makes Lauren smile.

I made some new friends last week when I met Lauren and Matt for the first time! We've been texting for months and talking about their wedding and it was so lovely to meet and hug them! These two would just look at each other and smile, and it was the MOST adorable. We had the best night driving all around Tyler State park, talked about life, explored a new place and laughed a lot.

My favorite part about the wedding experience is the engagement session, it's such a great time to get to connect with my couples, and capture their sweet sweet love.

CANNOT wait for their wedding next year. But, until then here's some of my favorites from their session that I cannnnnnot get enough of!

Richard + Jessica | Philander Chase Knox Engagement

Whenever you hear a photographer talk about the perfect 'golden hour' the pictures you're about to see below is exactly what we are talking about! Now, Pair it with an adorable couple in love and you've got our hearts skipping a beat! Not to mention, Philander Chase Knox estate is one for the books!

I spent a absolutely gorgeous evening last week with Jessica and Richard, one of my 2018 couples! Jessica radiates with her stunning curly locks and gorgeous smile, white Richard is the sweet, calm funny spirit that adores her! These two are quite the adorable pair, dancing, walking and loving each other during their session!

The sun was shining, the green grass was glowing, it was a perfect evening celebrating the love these two share! I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding day!