Lexe | Senior | Waltz Vineyard

Lexe signed up for our senior experience, which is my absolute favorite! Hair and Makeup by the amazing Shades of Blush studio, styling by me and a featured location which was her parents amazing winery! Waltz Vineyard! I arrived to meet the sweetest girl, filled with joy and excitement as she stepped into her senior year of high school - so fun! She told me all about her parents winery, and you could see how proud she was of them, and in love with what they do! We ventured throughout the gorgeous locations, dancing and laughing as I photographed this sweet gorgeous soul! The day couldn't have been more perfect! 

Here's a few of my favorites!

Anna | Senior

I've had the pleasure of knowing Anna for a few years now, through friends and family. When she asked me to do her senior photo's, I couldn't have been more excited! She also holds a love for photography, so naturally we clicked right away!

Andrea with Shades of Blush studio joined us for our session at the Conestoga house. She did Anna's amazing hair and makeup for her session, just to give her an extra pep in her step! 

Anna is absolutely adorable! She has the sweetest laugh and personality. We had a fun time talking about Guatemala, our other mutual love, and capturing her gorgeous self! She even put her amazing outfits together on her own, so she's cute + stylish! Can't beat that! Here's a few of my favorites from our session together, never forget how gorgeous you are Anna!