Alyssa Senior Session Linden Hall Equestrian Center

I arrived to the sweetest farm in Lititz, and my heart was pumping! This horse loving girl was so excited when I received an inquiry for a senior portrait session at Linden Hall including a horse, and flower crown my heart was pumppping!

It was the literal perfect, spring evening, green grass under our feet we wandered throughout the amazing equestrian grounds at Linden Hall! Between the gorgeous riding ring, cherry blossom tree's and most perfect sunset, it couldn't be beat!

Nova and Alyssa are a dynamic duo who can't be beat in the show ring! They are completely inseperatable, and also BFF's, it's super evident to see how perfect they are together! My horse loving heart couldn't have been more full, reminding me of the bond I had with my horse Prince back in the day!

The evening was one for the books, the ultimate senior session with Alyssa and her horse Nova at Linden Hall! Alyssa, I'm so excited for you as you head into graduation! You're going to take over the world with your sweet smile, and adorable heart!

Here's my top favorites of mine from Alyssa's senior session, because I could not get enough!

Rebekah Stoltzfus