Beach Trip on Film.

Film has intrigued me since I was a little girl.I made a camera out of an oatmeal can with my art teacher who pushed me to try, even at a young age. It was having someone believe in me, that was truly motivating.

I recently have been truly inspired by film. I've met two incredible people Michael & Carina, with Michael and Carina Photography. They photographed my wedding in film, and I've been completely breathless looking at them. They inspired me to truly jump in, and try. Showed me new techniques, and talked to me endlessly about the indrustry. To them, I'm very grateful.

Me and my Dear husband took our first get-away to our favorite place. Cape Henlopen state park! The endless waves, sand have always captured me. We even had our engagement photos done here, and I saw how beautifully the beach can be captured on film. I took a roll, and snapped some of our adventures. We're two, hippie loving campers. So excuse us looking a little crazy! p.s- it was absolutely freezing cold, yes.

Can't explain the excitement when I recieved these photos back from Richard Film Lab (they're great!) There's something so invigorating about trying something new, and jumping into the great unknown. Needless to say film will be added to our 2015 packages, and we're going to go from there and see where it takes us!

xx, Rebekah


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