Behind the Scenes 2015 V.2

Are you ready for one of the most ridiculous posts of the year? We couldn't get half the shots we get if it wasn't for a test shot, getting the perfect light. And of course we save them throughout the year so we can look back and laugh at this nonsense. I can't thank you all enough for the amazing year of 2015, weddings, sessions, horses, and even a few dogs.. So much goodness and crazy moments. I'm not going to do much talking, I want these images to speak for themselves. One thing. We like to have fun. So, yeah, that's that!And I may be revealing the most embarrassing photograph of my life at the bottom, yeah- I'm not kidding.

Also a big shoutout to my two girls, Ashley + Chelsea! I couldn't have done this wedding season without you two girls by my side. Enjoy!


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so many horses this year, making my equestrian heart happy!2015-22015-3 2015-4

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2015-9 2015-8 2015-15 2016-01-04_00032015-43 chelsea's signature test shot face, my personal favorite :)2015-312015-56 ashley sneaking behind a shot! (left) haha! 2015-542015-30

stealing balloons from a reception for a fun photo, duh.2015-362015-392015-442016-01-04_00042015-45 2015-32we literally have too much fun, another signature chelsea face. my personal fav. 2015-29successfully making groomsmen laugh = wedding day goals  (wait? his hands are in his pants.. hahaha)2015-20 Do this with your leg to get the best picture...? 2015-21 why so serious?2016-01-04_0005chelsea wants to eat your wedding cake. 2015-61 2015-66sometimes you just gotta boss the boys around. ;) 2015-50 so much stuff. literally I don't know what I would do without this girl.2015-51 unimpressed with me. haha ;)2015-7 2016-01-04_0006 when you run down the isle before the bride and groom and everyone starts shouting and yelling like you're the bride and groom- THE best.2015-25 2015-53 pre-detail mirror selfie, ooops.2015-67 here she comes!! (left)  haha!2015-69 when we take a break outside to have our own dance party.2015-63

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2015-60 exactly where I want to be at this time of day, with my bride + groom  GOLDEN HOUR *HEART EYES*2015-6 chelsea making one of my favorite bridal party shots happen!2015-70 hooray!2015-42 2015-34 chelsea is the MASTER of close up detail shots.2015-35 another pre detail selfie, ooops! ;)2015-57 2015-59 making some more beautiful light happen *heart eyes* 2015-40 2015-142015-72 2015-58 if you can arrange a large family photo where everyone can be seen, you can conquer the world. literally. go chelsea!2015-49

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2016-01-04_0009 And, thanks a wrap.. Thanks 2015, for such a great great year.2015-55