My Tea Party Bridal Shower!



 AH! Every girl dreams about her wedding + bridal shower since they were like 7, let's be real. I've been excited for this season of my life for decades. I knew very little about this day, which if you know me at all I'm not very good with surprises. SO thanks lovelies for putting up with me trying to sneak everything. ;)

My amazing bridesmaids + Mom, planned a killer shower me behind the scenes! Basically, all I knew was what the date was and the rest was in their hands. I've been itching at the seams to know the details of this day. I won't lie. :)  So, the day finally came. YAY! My girls made me stay upstairs in my room, while the whole set-up process happened. It was SO hard to not peak out the window at all the noise and chaos that was starting to happen in my yard! Which what seemed like forever, I finally got to come down.. And so many amazing people were there! I can't even explain my excitement to see so many of the ladies that are so dear to me. It was so lovely! It was a stunning tea party theme, I've loved tea parties and tea since I was a little girl. So it was PERFECT! Little scones, finger-foods and delicious tea filled the atmosphere. It was so fun getting to see so so many people! I was so stunned, and thankful for all the love and support! Even my kick-butt fourth grade teacher was there. (Yeah, we're still friends-she's awesome.)  We played the most fun game, each person wrote down their favorite memory with me- and I had to guess who's it was! It was so much fun reminiscing on some of my favorite times with my favorite people. I'll keep those notes forever. Basically, I was over-loaded with support, gifts and so much LOVE! Thank you ALL again for coming, and being apart of me and Derrics lives + helping us fill our little home with goodies. We're both so grateful.

Also!  SHOUT OUT to my kick-butt friend/intern Chelsea for taking these lovely photo's so I can remember it forever!


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