Lancaster County Park Senior Session | Haley Boone| Rebekah Viola Photography

IMG_3731 Untitled-3IMG_3969Untitled-4IMG_4028Untitled-2IMG_4016Lancaster County Park Senior Session Lancaster County Park Senior SessionLancaster County Park Senior Session

Let's just talk about Haley and her senior session in Lancaster County Park.

She's the brightest, most contagious, adorable, funny girl. Literally, I can't even describe her- She's one of a kind. Let's just say a perfect session in Lancaster city, filled with SO much laughter and fun. This girl literally doesn't stop smiling, and it's the best thing in the world. I could not get enough of her on my camera. She's SO adorable. I love people who are just filled with so much life, and I have the honor of capturing them- it's such an honor.

We walked around Lancaster city, and then ended up at Lancaster County park for the rest of her Senior Session. It was a perfect night, one of our last warm nights for the season. So thankful for nights like these, and girls like these! We had a blast.. And check out those amazing hair whips. Literally, my kind of girl! Haley, there needs to be more of you in the world. :)

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite shots!