Lancaster Pennsylvania Engagement Photographer | Chris & Lisa


Lancaster Pennsylvania Engagement Photographer FEATURING: Chris & Lisa

I've been dying to share with you Lisa & Chris's engagement session. Why? Being an engagement photographer is THE BEST.

You get to meet the coolest people, and have some pretty great adventures.

I met Chris + Lisa at the Marriott in Lancaster City, where she was having her STUNNING bridal shower.

We met, and instantly I knew they were going to be a blast to photograph.

We walked around the city, getting to know each other. Chris has such a fun sense of humor, we were cracking jokes the whole time.

Lisa, well first of she's stunning and so so sweet!

Way too many stories to tell about this session, so I'll sum it up for you.

We learned quickly that people in Lancaster city are either really awesome, or just plain ridiculous.

We ran into some other photographers, and had a small battle which was HILARIOUS. Comparing equipment, and having a photographer battle.

They were strutting their reflector, and they're like "Oh! Need reflectors? We got them." and I instantly went "psh! reflectors, I don't even need one of those."

We literally were dying laughing, and ran into them several times always jokingly having a photographer battle.

Then we headed to the famous Square one Coffee! It's been featured in a ton of my photo sessions lately.

I'm totally okay with that. I'm a huge Square one fan, and so is my family. Coffee is goodness.

We grabbed a cup of coffee, and even shot some photo's of them in Square one, and Lisa is a regular there.

Then we continued to a fun piano, and off to the roof-tops we went!

Lancasters Prince Street garage is always a good idea for photo's at sunset. Watch them as they dance, laugh and look in love.

Oh! And guess what? I'm photographing their wedding tomorrow. Yup! It's here.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session.

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Untitled-5 copyUntitled-6 copySquare one CoffeeRebekah Viola Photography

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