Lancaster Pennsylvania Engagement Photographer | Emma & Anuerys

Lancaster Pennsylvania Engagement Photographer

Lancaster Pennsylvania Engagement Photographer Emma & Anuerys

Hello there! It's been quite a busy busy season for us. We're so excited about new opportunities and things that have been happening within Rebekah Viola Photography! I'm SO happy to finally blog an awesome engagement session. I've been so thankful to be an engagement photographer, it's been so fun!

Emma and Anuery. Where do I even begin? I've slightly known Emma throughout my life, she is a friend of friends! It's been so fun getting to know her more, and Anuerys!

They met in the Dominican, where Anuerys is from. While doing YWAM! So great! They're such a sweet.. and innocent couple. I loved photographing them, Anuerys who had only been in the states a few weeks when we photographed kicked butt. They're connection was unspeakable.

Lancaster is beautiful and there are endless photo possibilities. We met at Wolfe Hollow Park a lovely spot for photo indeed. We walked around- talked, laughed and got to know each other while snapping photo's.

During our session it decided to DOWN POUR rain. It was actually so fun! We ran to my car, chatted about wedding details for a bit and then the sun came out, it cleared up and we went right back to photographing!

After walking through the fields and different locations.. it started to rain again! We ran back to the car, chatted some more. Once again, it cleared up and we snapped some more photos. It was such a fun time photographing them. They're so sweet, fun and a really God centered couple which is even more great!

Well.. here they are! Emma & Anuerys! Rebekah Viola Photography

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