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Lancaster Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer | Rebekah Viola Photography

A little bit of what I've been up to!

Hi there! So, a new thing I'd like to call "monthly updates" basically just a fun little time for you to see some instagrams / hear about what I've been up to! I love to have personal relationships in my business, so I want you to be sure that you know me also! Winter months are always tough. Especially this one it has been fuh-reezing! Lots of snow + ridiculous temperatures. So, what have I been up to on these cold cold days? Well..

1. LOTS of Coffee, to keep warm + it's yummy.
2. Sitting at my lovely desk, always editing + taxes + new packing ideas! (YES!)

3.  New logo + business cards, as most of you know! (Another YAY!)



4. Got my first pair of WARBY PARKERS! Some stellar eye-gear.
5. Playing way too much Settlers of Catan with my brothers + family. (We're all addicted.)
6. Trying out DELICIOUS new resteraunts with my friend, Noodles & Company = highly suggested, you won't be disappointed.
7. And of course, lots of smelly good candles for my room + office. Wood Wicks are always a favorite.

lancaster portrait photographer

8. Finally got a lovely little plant for my office + added a little nature to my space.
9. Re-decorated slightly, added some inspirational wall art.
10. Photographed a ADORABLE newborn Tyler! (So fun.)
11. Shot some film, doesn't get much better than Raw film.

rebekah viola photography

12. Got LOTS done with wedding planning! (Eek!) Picked out the venue, officially. Finished our Target registry + even picked out our wedding bands! Oh, and some lovely little golden goodness came in the mail also.

13. Drove around some snow covered roads near sunset with my fiance, got some lovely photos of him + the beautiful snow.

rebekah viola photography

14. Started exercising + running more. Found out I love running in the cold and snow!
15. Asked my cute-to-be-sister-in-law to be my bridesmaid! YES!
16. Had a lovely first + last Valentines day with my fiance. ;)
17. Have been taking way to many cat naps, with this crazy kitty.

lancaster portrait photographer

18. Started my monthly give-away!! Loved giving away some of my moms creations. (yeah, that's right EVERY month- something new +fun!)
19. Editing, lots of paperwork + learning tons about networking + advertising!
20. Snow. We've ALL been doing a little snow.
21. Had the ammmazing chance to catch up with my girl Kristi + photograph her adorable belly! I love maternity sessions!


22. Had tons of snow fun with my fiance tons of sledding + snowmobiling.
23. Taught my cutie niece to bake cookies. (she's the cutest thing.)
24. Had a mentoring session! So happy to help other photographers on their journey, and learn myself!
25.  Shoveled snow WAY TOO MANY TIMES.

lancaster portrait photographer

Well, there's a monthly recap of what I've been up to! So excited for things to come. xoxo-RebekahViola