Lancaster Pennsylvania Wedding and portrait Photographer | 2013 Recap

Lancaster Pennsylvania Wedding and portrait Photographer 2013  Recap Lancaster Pennsylvania Wedding and Portrait photographer Rebekah Viola Photography recaps on 2013, and talks about new exciting upcoming things in 2014! IMG_0602

I've been waiting and working hard to announce all the fun + new things happening this year, being a Photographer is fantastic. I'm so happy to be able to do everything that I love. Especially this year!

Announcement #1! Meet ASHLEY! My oldest friend + now intern / second shooter! Ash is mainly going to be helping me out with all the fun wedding's this year and assisting on some of your sessions! She's super artistic, unique, cool + she loves Jesus. We have the same ideas when it comes to people and loving them, even in a small business. I'm really excited to have some help, cause this year is going to be great! While I'm shooting your weddings I'm also in the process of planning my own! Ah! I'm super excited.

Announcement #2! Since I started photography back in the day, I've always been known as "Rebekah Kauffman Photography" Well, as of this announcement I am now Rebekah Viola Photography! I'm super excited for a little name change, and some new logo's + website + pricing + business plans! Viola is my middle name, which was my mommoms name. I'm so honored to have her name as my middle name- and hope to be half of the woman of God she was! So from now all your contracts + emails will be through Rebekah Viola Photography. If you've booked a wedding already, which this is the case for many that's okay! I'll send you an email letting you know what will happen! Prices for you will stay the same, don't worry!

Announcement #3! To launch off the new business I want you all to be involved and excited! Coming up, there's going to be tons of deals and discounts this winter for some sessions! So keep an eye out, and be sure to "like" my facebook page to get updates on the current deals!

Announcement #4!

For clients who have booked me as your wedding photographer already, and for incoming weddings..ect! I'm now 100% offering "a la carte" prints, professional + awesome photo books and more! I always did offer these, but now there will be more options! Not a huge announcement, but still exciting!

Announcement #5!

As I said, Ashley will be the "official" intern + second shooting every wedding she can. This year, I want to offer something a little more. I know there's tons of people out there who are interested in learning more about photography. And there's even a few other people other than Ashley that are going to be assisting me! If you're ever interested in joining on a shoot, and learning I'd love to have you! I want to be able to let people in on the awesome world of photography. It won't be an official part of the business, but I want to be open if people want to learn! Or, if you just want to shoot me an email with some photography questions, I'll always do my best to help you!

I've been dreaming of having my own business since a kid, and I'm super excited all this has happened! God is really blessing me with awesome clients, and almost over 10 weddings this season so far! I'm so excited for what's to come, to meet all of you and of course to photograph and learn! I'm always researching and reading photography books to become more knowledgeable! A new flash system, which I've been slowly using in weddings + senior photo's will be coming soon too! I have been practicing, and making sure it's going to be 100% awesome for you! Thanks everyone for all the support, in so many ways. I'm really excited about this new year, and I hope that you are too!

Here's some photo's featuring my new second shooter / intern. Top photo was shot at Longwood Gardens before a lovely engagement session!




Don't forget to keep your eyes out! And enjoy the new website!