Lancaster Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer Rebekah Viola | Sherri & Jeff Wedding

Lancaster Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer Rebekah Viola Photography Being a photographer is such a joy. I love this venue in Lancaster County, White Chimneys. It's literally 5 minutes from my house, and totally gorgeous! Sherri and Jeff are such a fun, loving unique couple. I loved how their true personality shown throughout the wedding day, ceremony and even the decor. Super fun, bright peacock theme just to fit Sherri's bright and fun personality! There wedding day was a blast, from the pastor quoting "Marrrriageeee.." from the classic movie Princess Bride, to Sherri walking around the isle twice to the delicious home-made ice cream that was made by a jeep tire! There was surprises and fun things around every corner.

Such a fun day, and a total honor to capture it! Congratulations Sherry & Jeff!




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