Lancaster Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer | Danielle + Lj

 Lancaster Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Hello there! Being a wedding photographer is my absolute favorite. I love meeting awesome clients like Danielle and Lj. They're perfect together. I've been awaiting their wedding since the engagement session.
I loved chatting a little here and there with Danielle just knowing there wedding would be perfect! Oh it was!
White Chimneys, one of my favorite venues. Beautiful light, decorations, flowers and accessories. Everything was perfect!
When me and Chelsea arrived we were happy to see a table full of goodies ready for us to photograph, this girl didn't miss a trick. And we LOVED that.
Florals were stunning by Sanda Porterfield, we were obsessed with them! And the lovely ladies at Darlas, in Lancaster County did a fantastic job on their hair!
All in all the day was absolutely gorgeous.
Me and Chelsea were so thankful for the adventurous bridal party to climb the fences and go out to the gorgeous field! Such a great group. So thankful for awesome weddings and days like this.
Congratulations Danielle & Lj, you're married!



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