Tim + Samantha | Lancaster Engagement Session

They love cooking together, spontaneous road trips, sci-fi shows, coffee and dancing like idiots at weddings.This is Sam (Samantha) and Tim, which I for some reason every time I mention them, I accidentally get tongue tied and combine there names and say "Sim". So this is SIM.I've known Tim for like, ever. When they got in contact with me about photographing their wedding me and Chelsea just about jumped out of our chairs. These two are truly something special.. and we're completely honored to be a part of their wedding day! Photographing their engagement session was one for the books. I'm so used to photographing in fields, woods, and lakes that I forgot how awesome Lancaster City really is. So many glorious nooks and beautiful walls. We literally spent the night starting at the Record Store, walking through Prince Street talking and laughing and photographing these two just laughing together, and having a blast. Endless laughter between all three of us + some pretty epic hair flips + dancing. We ended up at Lancaster Cupcake. Which 1. If you haven't been there yet stop everything you're doing and go their now. And 2. it's a perfect addition to any super adorable engagement session in the city. And how do two people look so good while eating cupcakes? Contact Tim + Sam, cause clearly they've got it down. So thankful to laugh and photograph these two, and the friendship we've made. These two are so clearly in love, and it's so so sweet. We're counting the days down to the big day! Here's a few of my favorite shots from our session!