Tucquan Glen Session | Melanie + Caleb

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all. - Helen Keller

Caleb and Melanie at Tucquan Glen. These two, humble, creative and in-love souls. Melanie is a gem, a pure selfless spirit with a creative heart. I was so excited when she contacted me about a session and some creative ideas in mind. My heart was flooding looking at her Pinterest board. I love sessions like this, totally natural walking in the woods with a gorgeous flower crown. (Thanks to my girl Megan at Pearls and Petals.) Melanie, also, is an awesome blogger. She has a blog called The realization of Good. It's always on point, and always inspiring. Caleb, a farrier, Melanies husband and a kind soul. He had such a gentle and patient disposition- hiking with two crazy creative girls in the woods, that takes some game and he's got it. These two needless to say are absolutely perfect each other, and I was happy to capture this 'just-because' lovely session for them. Enjoy some of my favorite moments!




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