Lexe | Senior | Waltz Vineyard

Lexe signed up for our senior experience, which is my absolute favorite! Hair and Makeup by the amazing Shades of Blush studio, styling by me and a featured location which was her parents amazing winery! Waltz Vineyard! I arrived to meet the sweetest girl, filled with joy and excitement as she stepped into her senior year of high school - so fun! She told me all about her parents winery, and you could see how proud she was of them, and in love with what they do! We ventured throughout the gorgeous locations, dancing and laughing as I photographed this sweet gorgeous soul! The day couldn't have been more perfect! 

Here's a few of my favorites!

Anna | Senior

I've had the pleasure of knowing Anna for a few years now, through friends and family. When she asked me to do her senior photo's, I couldn't have been more excited! She also holds a love for photography, so naturally we clicked right away!

Andrea with Shades of Blush studio joined us for our session at the Conestoga house. She did Anna's amazing hair and makeup for her session, just to give her an extra pep in her step! 

Anna is absolutely adorable! She has the sweetest laugh and personality. We had a fun time talking about Guatemala, our other mutual love, and capturing her gorgeous self! She even put her amazing outfits together on her own, so she's cute + stylish! Can't beat that! Here's a few of my favorites from our session together, never forget how gorgeous you are Anna!

Hope Hill Lavender Farm | Ashley Senior Session| Pennsylvania Photographer Rebekah Viola

Hope Hill Lavender FarmPennsylvania Photographer Hope Hill LavenderHope Hill LavenderHope Hill Lavender FarmAshley_Lavender-129 Ashley_Lavender-183Ashley_Lavender-1129121115198-R1-058-27A9121115198-R1-016-6A9121115198-R1-006-1AAshley_Lavender-138Hope Hill lavender FarmHope hill Lavender Farm

Hope Hill Lavender farm was the perfect place to photograph.


I've literally been waiting over a year for this session! I photographed Ashley's brother at the beach almost a year ago, and we started dreaming and planning her senior session while we were there!

Ashley, a stunning, lovely human. She adores lavender, so it was perfect to shoot upstate Pennsylvania at the Hope hill Lavender farm. I absolutely adore this girl and her creative spirit like mine, as soon as she had the idea of a Lavender field it was a set date.

We adored this location, walking around, smelling the most wonderful smells and becoming friends with the bee's. I'm basically in love with this session of Ashley at Hope hill.

White Chimneys Senior Session | Jamee Alyssa

White Chimneys, GAP PennsylvaniaJAMEE_2015-37White Chimneys Senior SessionJAMEE_2015-50 White Chimneys Senior Session JAMEE_2015-74JAMEE_2015-77 JAMEE_2015-96 JAMEE_2015-121JAMEE_2015-83JAMEE_2015-115 JAMEE_2015-111 JAMEE_2015-142JAMEE_2015-129JAMEE_2015-132White Chimneys, Gap PA for a senior session basically one of the greatest place to photograph!



White Chimneys Senior Session Jamee Alyssa, the sweetest girl. I've known her for a little while, and I was so excited when she asked me to capture her senior photo's at White Chimneys! You know those girls you follow on Instagram that just look like they have a super fun life? Jamee is one of them! She's always posting these crazy photo's of her and her horse, friends and boyfriend and I love it. She's super adorable, as you easily could see- and I love sessions where large animals / any animals are included. It's so personal and just pulls the session together!

Like I said, we began photographing at White Chimneys in Gap, PA. It's a gorgeous wedding venue 5 minutes down the road from my house! The endless gardens, and france-like scenes are to die for. Any photographers dream land! After that we drove a few more miles down the Lancaster county countryside (Do I mention too much how I love where I live? I mean, endless fields are dreams in my eyes.) We ended up at a little farm where her boyfriend trains and sells horses, so fun! And a little crooked nose pony greeted us, and we ended up in a gorgeous field loaded with little white flowers and three crosses on the hilltop. All in all, a perfect night. Jamee- you're adorable!

If you're looking for a senior session, right now is the absolute perfect time to photograph! I adore getting creative and capturing your personality, feel free to fill out my contact form on the top of our website for more information and pricing on our Senior session collections!


Ashley Volkswagen Bug Session | Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Senior Photography

Voltswagon Bug Session Ballon Senior SessionLancaster Pennsylvania Voltswagon Bug Balloon ShootVoltswagon Bug Balloon SessionVoltswagon bug SessionASHLEY_BUG_2015-242ASHLEY_BUG_2015-228VW Bug Senior ASHLEY_BUG_2015-172Black and White Voltswagon bugVoltswagon bug Photo SessionRebekahViolaPhotography5 ASHLEY_BUG_2015-127Lancaster Pennsylvania Voltswagon bug Senior Session ASHLEY_BUG_2015-83 Voltswagon bug Session ASHLEY_BUG_2015-62RebekahViolaPhotography14 copyASHLEY_BUG_2015-24ASHLEY_BUG_2015-4 ASHLEY_BUG_2015-105 ASHLEY_BUG_2015-27 ASHLEY_BUG_2015-35

Heart Sun-glasses, balloons, Lancaster city rooftops and Volts-wagon Bugs.

If that heading doesn't pull you in immediately, I don't know what will. Basically, Ashley is one of the coolest chicks. When she first got her car, I knew we would one day be photographing her with it. And, here we are a few years later for her Senior pictures! Literally, the most perfect night for this girl to get sassy with her car. The entire shoot was a blast, and I was singing Taylor Swift all night in my head. Ashley, super fun, stylish, and has that TS vibe. We're basically waiting for Target to come ask us to use these images for their store, because she is literally perfection. I had an absolute blast getting creative with this girl, and it makes me love why I do what I do even more. Styled Senior shoots all the time? Okay, YES! I adore this girl and her bug. (yeah, she drives it everywhere.) Stay tuned for her Part 2. Senior Session in a Lavender Field. Yup, basically every photographs dream x10.

xoxo, Rebekah.

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Emily Senior Photos | Lancaster Pennsylvania | Rebekah Viola

I'm so excited to show you Emily's senior photo's! This girl is filled with so much vibrancy and beauty.  In the midst of crazy wedding season, I still love taking senior photos. It brings me right back to the roots of when I first started photographing, that's basically all I would do. Weddings were just dreams at that point!Something about it, I just love. It's prime time for the senior, because they're graduating soon so of course they're excited! And there slowly starting their new and own life, so awesome. Emily is absolutely stunning (obviously) she's clearly a make-up + hair genius! Which is what she is doing in CTC right now. So clearly, in the future if you need a cosmetologist, this girl is going to rock that world. We had a blast going from different locations and experimenting with beautiful morning light. And confetti?! What!? So much fun! We found out quickly that getting the perfect pinterest photo with blowing confetti, takes some serious effort. Haha!

All in all, such a beautiful morning and a sweet, sweet girl. Congratulations Emily!




Serena - Mini Senior Session

Serena is one of the sweetest souls I've met. She has a quiet disposition, but once you get talking to her you see how she's truly so bubbly and sweet!We walked around Lancaster County Park for her mini-senior session. My assistant Chelsea was along, and we literally were overloading Serena with compliments of how stunning she is! Once the lens hit her, she was a pro! We had a blast getting to know her sweet self. I think by the end of the session me and Chelsea had told her how stunning she is like 1,000 times. She literally is so full of joy she's glowing! And the natural green setting totally made her glow even more. Here's a few of my favorite shots from our mini session!

10995493_971022566243464_7321768757720559560_n copy copy56IMG_8844789IMG_88951011

Cape Henlopen | Senior Photos | Rebekah Viola

Cape Henlopen | Senior Photos | Rebekah Viola

I was so excited to capture Chases Senior Photos at Cape Henlopen. It has been a favorite place of mine for a few years now. So needless to say, I jumped at the chance to head down their and photograph.

The light was stunning all day, and we had a blast running around the beach capturing different places. The beach is endless for beautiful photos! Chase even broke out his sweet bow tie, and awesome jeep. Totally cool.

Here's some of my favorites from the day! xx

Rebekah Viola

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Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Photographer | Savannah | Rebekah Viola Photography

Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Photographer | Savannah | Rebekah Viola Photography

Savannah | Senior Portraits at Tucquan Glen Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

Being a portrait photographer, I love doing senior sessions. It's such a fun time to get to know someone and get totally creative! I've known Savannah, for a few years now. Thanks to this lovely lady I met my FIANCE! So needless to say she is the beeze-neese. She goes to a local high school in Lancaster County. And she is  kicking it as a senior this year!

Me and Sav happen to work at the same company! While she's stirring fudge, I'm selling rooms at the  The Inn at Kitchen Kettle Village, Located in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. I ran into her one day and she had asked me about senior photo's. I was beyond excited for many reasons! One, she's awesome + she helped me meet my future husband, so why wouldn't we have a photo session featuring her? ;) Two, She's adorable. She has the most contagious smile. Which of course, she is known for. Just wait till you see her smile in the session below, ADORABLE! Three, I found out she's incredibly talented. She's a dancer! Which basically with those three things we were set for an awesome photo-session. We took the hike to Tucquan Glen, to photograph her senior portraits. Which by the way, TG is awesome! Incredible location for hiking and of course photographing. Walked around the awesome location, talking laughing + of course photographing! My friend Meg, even tagged along to do some video for the business. Such a fun session! The light was gorgeous through the tree's in and she looked stunning doing her ballet moves. I can't even describe them, cause it won't do it justice! The photo's speak for it, it's just stunning. I love dancing + sun flares! And we took some photo's on a gorgeous log in the creek. This place has endless photo opportunity's! I'm so thankful being a senior photographer in Lancaster with sessions like these! Check out the photo's below, and be ready for lots of them! xoxo-Rebekah

  Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Photographer Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6 Untitled-7 Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Photographer Untitled-9 Untitled-10 Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Photographer Untitled-12 Untitled-13 Untitled-14 Untitled-15 Untitled-16 Untitled-17 Untitled-18

Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer | Rebekah Viola Photography

Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer I'm so excited to share this with you all! When Jordan emailed me about doing her senior photo's, I was excited. I got to travel a bit, which is always enjoyable. To add a plus it involved horses  at an awesome stable! (which was Vondohren Stables)  Also, an awesome girl and state the obvious ; horses! I'm never going to turn it down. Growing up about horses, and riding for over 8 years- that's my cup of tea. When I arrived, Jourdan was super cool, loved horses and shows them on a regular basis. We walked around the farm, finding awesome fields to photograph in. This was by far one of my favorite sessions, just because it was just raw beauty. Open fields, and horses. You can't get much better than that. My favorite spot was definitely what I'd like to call the "lone tree" shots. I'll always run towards a field with a single tree! I always take it as an honor to do senior photo's, and make sure it's a fun time! Me and Jourdan had a blast walking around and chatting- and of course getting to catch up on my horse talk. It's clients like this girl that make me fall in love with being a senior portrait photographer all over again. Check out the photo's below.

And if you're interested in booking me for a session email me at I'd love to get creative with you! 



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