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Ready to tackle instagram but not sure where to start? let’s do it together!


What is the Instagram Review?

A guided review of your Instagram account. This is where I walk through your Instagram account and give you simple, yet effective ways to solve the problems you may have. We start with a few one on one questions and it leads into a PDF packed with effective ways to put a plan in motion for you to take the reins on your Instagram account! My goal is to ensure YOUR questions are answered with effective yet simple ways.. We’ll start with a few things you’re itching to know and from there build a PDF with your questions answered, real life examples and ways to put it into action.


Words from an Instagram Review!

The first thing I noticed before I even read Rebekah's Instagram Review was the presentation.  She put together a beautiful and yet easy to read and navigate pdf personalized just for me.  I was so excited to jump into the content because it looked so inviting, but I could also tell it was personalized for me. The review was very thorough, bringing up points that I didn't even think of.  As creatives, I know we constantly have lots of "I could do's" or "I should do's" on our to-do list...I was already thinking of some things I should be doing better but Rebekah surprised me by noting things I didn't even think of. Some of her suggestions were  quick fixes and made total sense...the sort of things where you're like "Why didn't I think of that?" However, that was just the beginning, and her suggestions went from quick changes to more complex, but more rewarding efforts I could make (and essentially invest my time for rewards in followers and engagement). Another thing I really appreciated is that it was more than just a list of "do these things." Of course she listed what I could improve on, but in my opinion the most value came from her thoughtful and thorough examples.  She didn't just tell me what to do, she showed me how to do it and gave me examples in case I was stumped. Some of these suggestions she pulled from what she already knew about me from my account, so they were personal and applied directly to me, making it easy for me to make that leap from "I should be doing this," to "I can do this." Without giving away too much  from her content, I can say that in putting her suggestions to the test, I noticed a huge increase in comments on a specific post that I followed her instructions exactly.  It was amazing how phrasing or simply asking really did boost my engagement. Using her methods and suggestions is going to take an investment of time on your part, however, it's certainly not a waste of time.  We know that we need to market ourselves, and so it really is essential that we put in the time.  Having a road map of how to do it, how to phrase it, how to hashtag it, who to connect with... it really does make that effort worthwhile because I trust Rebekah's process and know it works. Thank you Rebekah for taking the time to get into the nitty gritty of what works and what doesn't on my account.  I can't wait to keep using your suggestions and seeing future growth.  - Photographer Joleen Willis


How do I know this review is for me?


You sit on your phone everyday trying to figure out Instagram but still find yourself stuck.

  • You’re not sure why you’re not getting engagement on your posts and are ready to find your tribe on Instagram!

  • You’re not making sales, bookings or having people visit your store because of Instagram! *Yes, this Review is for all types of business’s!

  • You’re just ready for a fresh start and new outlook on Instagram from someone who has been building her following and tribe for years.

  • You’re using hashtags, but you’re not sure if they are the right ones or if it’s effective or not.


  • You want to know effective ways to use your Instagram Story but are scared and don’t know where to start!


What’s Included in an Instagram review?

  • A 5-10 page PDF with detailed answers to your question, real life examples and ways to implement this new strategy!

  • A personalized, easy to understand, strategy catered to your Instagram needs that will guarantee you results.

A simple questionnaire for you to have your specific Instagram questions / issues answered.
This review is about you and what you need help with! But, if we see something you could improve we’ll let you know!


Rebekah Viola has experience managing multiple Instagram accounts for other Business's! So she is able to assist all types of accounts.

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