Non-Profit Photography

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At the age of 14, I had the opportunity to travel to Haiti on a missions trip.. moments after stepping foot on Haiti soil, I knew my heart would never be the same.We spent the week in the mountains, bonding with the people and helping build a local church. The poverty and desperacey this country holds will immediately crush your first-world heart. But it also held a certain hope. Each child I played with, each person I came in contact or photographed had a light behind their eye that I could never forget. Through so much chaos, they still had hope.

I took many photographs that trip, that are so dear to my heart. I gave them to the organization to use on their media to spread awareness. I continued to take trips back to Haiti, along to Guatemala and Africa to serve and share Jesus's love while also capturing beautiful faces. All for the soul purpose and goal of changing the world. Each time, giving my images to the organization. My heart and soul is left in these places. It is my husband and I's calling to be missionaries in one of these places, or wherever we are called. In the mean time, as we grow, pray and seek God to see where and when we are called I felt a still voice telling me this is what I am do for now. Photograph the world, use my gifts to help others and be an advocate for them... so that is what I am doing.


Our non-profit photography will help provide awareness for the particular issue. (poverty, abuse, sex-trafficking, abandonment, child sponsorship).We offer complimentary photography to specific non-profits, and only ask that you cover potential traveling expenses.Each situation can be customized and catered to the non-profits needs. Our goal is to GIVE not take away. This is not limited to state-wide nonprofits, or global. We go where we are called. Please fill out the contact form for more information on our Non-profit photography.

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