Mentoring Session

Mentoring Session


Hey there! I’m so excited you are here! Im guessing you’re here because you are looking for a little jump start in your business! Have questions about where to go next, the best way to get bookings and put yourself out there? I totally understand! This will be absolutely perfect for you!

Are you a photographer or small business owner who is looking for a little boost? I’ve totally been there, and I am here to help!

Being multi-passionate entrepreneur has led me to mentoring photographers, business owners and more. I passionate about photography, social media, business and providing an experience to clients which has brought me to photograph 35+ weddings a season.

I have been mentoring other photographers and entrepreneurs for years, and am excited to offer this to you! This is a one on one Skype, or in person (Central PA) mentoring session where all questions can be asked. No specific layout, or limits, you are welcome to ask about photography, social media handling, equipment, booking, ect. This is perfect for the person who just needs a little jump start in their career! I'm so excited to get to know you, hear your story, and offer any assistance I can!

Mentoring sessions with Rebekah are NO LIMITS!

  • Let’s talk all about Instagram and how to use it to book clients.. Or let me help you with what to post and how to gain followers!

  • Want to shoot with me one on one? I’ll teach you all about light, finding the right camera settings and getting you comfortable on Manual.

  • Need help with advertising and getting your work out there? I’ve been marketing myself and my business for 6 years and have booked myself over 200+ weddings in my career!

    Like I said, there are no limits. I truly believe in community and lifting others. So let’s do this together!

    Have QUESTIONS? About mentoring and if you should take the leap? Send me an email @ and lets chat!

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Rebekah is such a kind and sweet soul. One that is not only talented but gracious and generous with her gifts. When I decided to take a leap of faith to start my own photography business Rebekah willingly and excitedly met me for coffee and we chatted about all the parts of a start up and she shared her experiences with me. She answered my questions and helped me feel confident that I to could make my dream come true. We went out for a one on one mentor session to learn about light and she offered me many great tips that I still use and appreciate. Rebekah is extremely knowledgable and is more than willing to become your mentor, give you tips, and more than likely she’ll become your friend just I she’s become mine! If you are looking for someone to mentor you or you just have a simple question message her cause she’s got your back! Thanks Rebekah for being an encourager and not just using your gifts but sharing them. Glad to call you friend and mentor!
— CW
It’s hard to know where to start. Rebekah has been one of my biggest inspirations since I started my own photography business a year ago. She’s been readily available with advice and encouragement pretty much 24/7. For real. Especially in the crucial beginning stages, overwhelmed with countless questions and concerns, I always knew I could count on a gentle, but informative response from Rebekah. She never ever made me feel small or uneducated, but always called forth the good + potential she saw. I feel like so much of what she poured out has shaped the way I do business even now.
— KS