Tips and Tricks

Eek! You're engaged. We're literally so excited for you, we want you to be at complete ease on your engagement session and have a blast! So we've put together our favorite tips and tricks to help make that happen!

1. Timing

Timing and Location are the fist key elements to your engagement session. Most likely, when you stumbled on my website when you were searching for a photographer you saw so many glorious images with the sun shinning, and tons of vibrancy! That's because I'm a golden hour shooter. Meaning, the hour before sunset is my absolute jam. I love sessions where we chase the sun together before it sets, so that's what I specialize in! Usually, engagement sessions are anywhere from 1.5-2 hours. So, we'll usually meet 2 hours before sunset at the given location, chat a little bit, and get on our way! This may or may not mean you'll have to take off work a few hours earlier, but I promise you it is well worth it.  So scheduling an engagement session at the right time of day is killer! If we're going for an indoor shoot, then we can shoot pretty much anytime of day. We prefer to stay inside when the sun is super high, and when the sun is getting lower and not as harsh on the face then it's go time outside! I have a lovely website that helps determine the sunset time so you can schedule the exact 2 hours before, click here! But also, don't hesitate to ask me when the best time to schedule your particular session is- that's what I'm here for!

2. Location

Location, Location location! Do you and your fiance have a place you love? Maybe your favorite picnic spot or your favorite date night spot? Maybe even a place you've driven by that's just down right gorgeous. Or, a place you've both been dreaming to visit! That's the best way to choose a location, just follow your heart! Think of what speaks to both of you, what you love, what represents YOU! Pick a place you're comfortable in. If you're stuck, tell me the vibe you're going for and I'll happily scout locations for you around your area. We've also but together a list of awesome locations you might love.. click here!

3. Wardrobe


The biggest question of all, what to wear?! We've put together a glorious Pinterest board of all style/weather types. Click here to view it! Pick outfits that speak you, you're comfortable in or that are just dang pretty! We also found an amazing site where you can rent a gorgeous outfit to have that engagement session of your dreams. Rent the Runway! They have all sorts of options from dresses, skirts to shirts. They'll even send you an extra size for free in case it doesn't fit! And a jewelry add on for $5? Oh yeah! Click here to check it out.

4. Accessories / Flower Crowns


Want to know our favorite thing? Flower crowns! They can add so much beauty to an engagement session, and it'll have your friends drooling over your gorgeous images. We love florals of all types. We've even became friends with an amazing local florist, Megan, who will hook you up with the floral crown of your dreams for your session!  Click here to visit Pearls and Petals, and message her to order your flower crown!

5. Makeup / Hair


Consider getting your hair and makeup done the day of your session. The correct makeup appliance can make your eyes POP in your images, and look stunning! Sephora offers a walk in service for makeup, and we've also become friends with a fabulous makeup artist who'd love to glamour you up for your session. The Bonafide Ginger! Click here to contact her about getting your hair or makeup done for your engagement session!

6. Don't be shy!


Don't forget, we know what we're doing. We're here to make sure you look beautiful, comfortable and awesome. So don't be shy to be yourself, and trust that we'll take care of you! Our style of photography is a mix of games and posing. Remind your fiance if he's also nervous, to not take it too seriously and to be himself and have fun. We love it when you open up in front of us and just be yourself, and it's the best results!

7. Bring a pet!


Call us crazy, but we mean it! Big or small! If you two already own a pet together, it's so fun to incorporate your furry friend into the session! Or, if you've got a bigger animal, we'll come to you! It can bring so much personality and meaning to a session, and we think it's the best.