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I’m Rebekah! I am a wildly passionate photographer, entrepreneur boss lady born and raised in a small town in Lancaster county, where I currently live with my dear husband and sweet pup, Goldie. I aim to inspire others to live their dreams and showcase the vibrancy of life through photography. Having photographed over 150+ weddings since I started my business at the age of 17, while creating an unforgettable experiences through fast replies, timeliness images and being wherever needed on a wedding day. I'm honored to serve amazing couples on the east coast and all over the country.

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A candle never looses it’s light by lighting another. I believe in community over competition. I believe in sharing and uplifting others.
Rebekah Viola has been building her business from the ground up since she was 18. With a home school diploma she went full force into the wedding industry, Living her dreams as a full time wedding photographer, entrepreneur, and social media manager. She’s passionate about sharing her experiences and tips & tricks along the way. Find freebie’s for photographers, Posing Game Cards for Wedding Photographers, Educational Courses and lots more in her resource shop!