Danielle + Shawn | John James Audubon

I walked into Danielle's hotel room to squeels as I finally put faces to some of the sweet people Danielle had told me all about! (Her mother, Mother in law and sweet bridesmaids!) We exchanged names and hugs, and I immediately felt we were the best of friends!

Day's that begin like that are all this connection loving photographer can ask for! Moments later I was hanging Danielle's Beautiful dress at the amazing John James Audubon Center. Roaming this timeless venue, it was so evident why her and Shawn wanted to have their wedding day here!

The guys arrived and we laughed, you wouldn't know it was a hot humid day with the joy they had as Shawn laughed with his best buds! Danielle and her girls looked absolutely radiant and we all were squealing as she put on her dress! Her grandmother put on Danielle's shoes, and we were all wiping tears from our eyes because it was THE sweetest.

The rain came, but Danielle and Shawn laughed it off with their family and friends as we gathered into the barn for a backup plan with the rain. There were 15 seats for family and the rest of their loved ones stood all along the barn as they said their vows. Everyone laughed, and celebrated alongside Danielle and Shawn as the rain came pouring down. (literally)

They ended the night with dusk portraits kissing and laughing, and then dancing their faces off with their friends and family!

We left this day not with two new friends, but a whole family of new friends. Everyone welcomed us with open arms, and we fell in love with these beautiful people even more! Their day was one for the books, making me even MORE thankful to connect with souls and do what I love through photography.

I'm having a tough time choosing a few favorites, because their day was gorgeous - but here's my top hundred or so from their day!

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Vendor List:
Venue: John James Audubon
Caterer: Jeffrey A. Miller
DJ: Dj Joe Bene
Coordinator: Shelley Kratz
Brides Dress:
Bridesmaid Dress's:
Florals: Savannah's Garden
H&M: Alura Salon and Spa

Amber + Josh | Grafton Inn Vermont Destination Wedding

Amber and Josh made my heart fall deeper and deeper into this love of photography and storytelling. I'm so excited to share these with you, and showcase the story of Amber and Josh's sweet, sweet day in Grafton Vermont.

Do you know those places that you instantly fall in love with and you keep coming back to? Say hello to Grafton Vermont for Josh and Amber. Between the quite, quaint streets that lead up the mountain to this perfect little town. The small cheese shops, post office and friendly faces Grafton is a small quaint town where dreams come from. It's like the place you see in the movies, but in real life.

Josh and Amber spend a few weeks out of the year here, always coming back to the place that holds so many dear memories and a place they can't stay away from. When we arrived, there was no question as to why they can't stay away, Grafton Vermont is a dream!

Their wedding day started slow and easy, the girls getting ready and the guys laughing, drinking and having fun. The details all came together so lovely, the dresses, floral, shoes. The rain came early on in the day but Amber didn't budge, they accepted the rain and continued on to celebrate their amazing wedding.

We ventured in the rain all day, throwing the umbrellas to the ground, dancing in the rain, laughing and celebrating these two! I couldn't have asked for anything more magical for these two. If it's going to rain on your wedding day, you want to do it like these two did - let go - celebrate - have fun!

Here's my favorites from their wedding day! Grafton Inn Vermont, You're a dream, Josh and Amber we couldn't love you two more!

Leave these two love! If they get 25 comments on this blog post, they will receive a complimentary 8×10″ print of their favorite wedding day image! Hooray!


Vendor List:
Venue: Grafton Inn Vermont
Caterer: Grafton Inn Bar
DJ: Super Sounds Entertainment
Coordinator: Grafton Inn Vermont Staff
Brides Dress: Casa Blanca Bridal
Bridesmaid Dress's: BHLDN
Florals: Fast Pony Flowers
Shoes: Nine West

Richard + Jessica | Philander Chase Knox Engagement

Whenever you hear a photographer talk about the perfect 'golden hour' the pictures you're about to see below is exactly what we are talking about! Now, Pair it with an adorable couple in love and you've got our hearts skipping a beat! Not to mention, Philander Chase Knox estate is one for the books!

I spent a absolutely gorgeous evening last week with Jessica and Richard, one of my 2018 couples! Jessica radiates with her stunning curly locks and gorgeous smile, white Richard is the sweet, calm funny spirit that adores her! These two are quite the adorable pair, dancing, walking and loving each other during their session!

The sun was shining, the green grass was glowing, it was a perfect evening celebrating the love these two share! I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding day!

Callie + Ryan | Vermont Glamping Cabin Destination Engagement Session

One foggy morning Chelsea and I made our way through the mountains of Vermont to meet Callie and Ryan for coffee. Now, I had talked to Callie and Ryan several times on the phone, exchanged emails and fun text messages but finally we got to meet in person! Within seconds we connected, laughed and talked all about their dream wedding day they were planning!

These two currently reside in Massachusets, and made the trek to hangout with us on Sunday morning in May. Our adventures took us further in Vermont, to a gorgeous glamping cabin tucked in the green woods of  Belmont, Vermont. Between the adorable greenhouse on the property, these two lovers laughing with us and the AMAZING glamping cabin at Tanglebloom Farm, my heart was on fireee!

They laughed, kissed and cuddeled in the sweet glamping cabin in vermont. Our hearts were full, and we left with two brand new friends! Callie and Ryan we genuinely can't wait to be a part of your wedding day!

We hope you enjoy some our favorites from their amazing session! Also, you can find the amazing Belmont Vermont Glamping Cabin here!

Kristyn + Jon | In home Session at Chris and Claudia Home

Spent a gorgeous morning in Lancaster city for an in home love session with Kristyn + Jon! I met these two sweet hearts when I photographed their incredible wedding last year at the Springside barn in East Earl! It's safe to say Kristyn and I connected immediately, and she now does all the amazing graphic design for RVP and I love it!

We met Saturday morning to show off a gorgeous album from Red tree albums of their wedding day. They cuddled on the couch, got goofy, laughed a lot and loved a lot. It was a perfect morning to forget time, and just be together with them!

These two are coming up on their one year anniversary, so it was an absolute celebration of their love, and all the amazing things that come with your first year of marriage!

We love how these two just let go, trusted Chelsea and I, and had so much fun. I'm talking hanging upside down on a couch and pillow fight fun. Here's my top favorites, because I just can't get enough of these two!