Drumore Estate | Eric + Gerald | Rebekah Viola Photography, Lancaster Pennsylvania

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Drumore Estate, easily one of the most beautiful places to have a wedding.

Erin and Gerald, two of the most genuine, kindest, and loving souls I have ever met. Their wedding day at Drumore was beyond perfection for these two. From the flowing bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen tuxes and the way that Erin fit in her stunning dress it couldn't have been a more lovely day. Drumore Estate makes our style of story-telling wedding photography so enjoyable. So many beautiful moments happened this day, and I couldn't help but post so many. From the moment Gerald looked up on the balcony and saw his stunning wife up their, he instantly went running to her, and the butterfly's in my stomach were going crazy! I love it when I can see true, passion and love in someones eyes. These two, adore each other. Their laughter, joy, and love for each other was so clear to see.


Erin and Gerald, I wish you two the happiest, happiest life together!