Keri + Andrew Engagement | Ashwell Stables | Rebekah Viola Photography

IMG_8515 Keri_Andrew_Engaged-30 Keri_Andrew_Engaged-32 Keri_Andrew_Engaged-21 Keri_Andrew_Engaged-59-1Keri_Andrew_Engaged-62Keri_Andrew_Engaged-67Keri_Andrew_Engaged-77Keri_Andrew_Engaged-70 -2 Keri_Andrew_Engaged-59-1Keri_Andrew_Engaged-101Untitled-2Keri_Andrew_Engaged-95-2Keri_Andrew_Engaged-134 Keri_Andrew_Engaged-149 -2Do you ever feel like you owe someone something? Even after years of time have gone by? Tonight, I felt I gave back a little bit of what Keri gave me.Back when I was around 13, Keri and I connected and she hooked me up with a thoroughbred, Gentle Touch. Who then proceeded to completely change my life. My horse, Prince (Gentle Touch) was my absolute best friend, and whole life- for many many years of my life. Riding him was my freedom, and we had a bond that was inseperable. As I got older, I couldn't afford him anymore- and it broke my heart to sell him. And there still to this day isn't a day I don't go by thinking about him, and how I'd love to see him again and see if he remembered me, his best friend. He was part of what shaped me into who I am today, and how I can understand a complete bond between a girl and a horse, or in this case a couple and horses. It was an honor to see Keri again tonight, and meet her fantastic fiance Andrew. They're the perfect match, both jockeys, and amazing people and riders. The last time I had seen Keri was when she dropped of Prince, and she helped ease my terrified heart of this giant thoroughbred that was in my front yard- who then turned to my everything and I'd give anything to see him again. Finally, after years, I feel like I was able to give a little bit back to Keri for what she did for me. So excited to photograph their wedding this September!