Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer | Rebekah Viola Photography

Lancaster Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer I'm so excited to share this with you all! When Jordan emailed me about doing her senior photo's, I was excited. I got to travel a bit, which is always enjoyable. To add a plus it involved horses  at an awesome stable! (which was Vondohren Stables)  Also, an awesome girl and state the obvious ; horses! I'm never going to turn it down. Growing up about horses, and riding for over 8 years- that's my cup of tea. When I arrived, Jourdan was super cool, loved horses and shows them on a regular basis. We walked around the farm, finding awesome fields to photograph in. This was by far one of my favorite sessions, just because it was just raw beauty. Open fields, and horses. You can't get much better than that. My favorite spot was definitely what I'd like to call the "lone tree" shots. I'll always run towards a field with a single tree! I always take it as an honor to do senior photo's, and make sure it's a fun time! Me and Jourdan had a blast walking around and chatting- and of course getting to catch up on my horse talk. It's clients like this girl that make me fall in love with being a senior portrait photographer all over again. Check out the photo's below.

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